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Our history



This project was born in 2019, with a small group of researchers focused mainly on the research of Sephardic ancestry and the preparation of genealogical reports. Over time, new members, specialized in different areas, were added to the team and the frequent contact with the customers made it clear to us that, much more than the Portuguese citizenship and passport, what is important is the discovery of the past. Given the demand, we set out to solve this need.


Thus, the foundations were laid for us to develop new services, such as family books, company books, personalized historical itineraries and the search for lost ties.

This way, driven by the passion of our ancestors and inspired by Jewish genealogy, we wanted to embrace new possibilities, explore any ancestry and make this a global opportunity. The group is the same and so is its purpose: to make the history known, in order to better understand the present. Because each of us is a mirror of our past.

Espelho do Passado is a historical research technology-oriented company that distinguishes itself by a large investment and commitment to digital mediums. Its growth is due to the close relationship with the customer, based on respect, transparency and honesty, our distinguishing pillars.


It has a rich database, which includes tens of thousands of contents, ranging from original documents, to indexed and organized books, used by our experienced professionals in various areas of the Social Sciences and Humanities, especially in the field of History, who prioritize perfectionism.

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