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Business Archeology / Company Book



How many twists and turns does a company take from the time when it was just an idea, to the moment it comes into practice, to the present day?


Remember the founders and employees who kept the company standing. Watch the product advance and the challenges that have been overcome. The innovations that emerged and the changes in communication techniques brought by the change of generations. The recovery of files and the preservation of the history and the path that led to the present.


An opportunity, not only for tribute and memory, but also for projecting the future with the marketing capitalization of the historical value of your company.


How? Nowadays, the image that a company has before its public and its ability, not only in terms of marketing, but also in terms of customer loyalty, is related to its past and to its affective connection to moments of the past. For a company over 50 years old, not exploring this facet would be a mistake. Capitalize on your past by bringing the customer closer to your product and your company.


Business Archeology allows you to put on the glasses of history and rescue the company’s journey in paper, audiovisual, exhibition, or documentary version. Connect to the past to envision the future.

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