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Travels and Historical Itineraries



Are you thinking of traveling to Portugal or exploring the land of your ancestors? What if on these holidays, in addition to discovering new worlds, you also discovered yourself? Espelho do Passado organizes, in collaboration with specialized travel operators, a trip to your past, where you discover your origins, in a unique and personalized itinerary, created just for you.

Travelling back to your roots grants you the possibility of traveling in time with the eyes of the present and stepping on the footprints that were once made by your ancestors. Visit the places where your grandparents got married, where your great-grandparents lived or where your ancestors worked, and which inevitably shaped their lives.

The opportunity to take an innovating and personalized journey that will change your life is at the click of a button. Much more than a trip, it’s about exploring your identity.

Contact us and come discover/rediscover your family’s history with us!

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